Fall 2020 Athena/Classic/Academy/GPL/RIAS
Venue: TYSA Henderson Park

Venue Information
Venue: TYSA Henderson Park
Address: 1 Henderson Park Road
Tucker, GA  300842434
View Map: Google Map
Web Site: www.tysa.com
Directions: Check out www.tysa.com I-285 to LaVista Rd exit(Exit #37). Go east 1.3 miles to Henderson Rd/Brockett Rd. Turn left on Henderson Rd. To Fields 1-5 continue on Henderson about 1 mile. Fields will be on the right. To Field 6-Livsey go on Henderson Rd. to Tipperary (2nd right) about 1/2 mile. Turn right on Tipperary, turn left on Lake Erin Dr. Lake Erin Dr. changes to Ridge Park continue until dead ends into Livsey Rd. Left on Livsey Rd. then left into the Park. Field is up the hill after the tennis courts.

Fields At This Venue
No Field Name Description Status Schedule
1 H1 Full - 11V11 OPEN --
1A H1A 08U - 5v5 OPEN --
1B H1B 08U - 5v5 OPEN --
1C H1C 08U - 5v5 OPEN --
2 H2 Half Field OPEN --
2A H2A Half Field OPEN --
2B H2B Half Field OPEN --
3 3 Full - 11V11 OPEN --
3A H3A 10U - 7v7 OPEN --
3B H3B 10U - 7v7 OPEN --
4A H4A 06U - 4v4 OPEN --
4B H4B 06U - 4v4 OPEN --
4C H4C 06U - 4v4 OPEN --
4D H4D 06U - 4v4 OPEN --
5 H5 Full - 11V11 OPEN --
5A H5A Half Field OPEN --
5B H5B Half Field OPEN --
5C H5C Half Field OPEN --
6 H6 - Livsey Full - 11V11 OPEN Schedule
6A H6A - Livsey Half Field OPEN --
6B H6B - Livsey Half Field OPEN --
GR1 Granite 1 - SEE TYSA, GRANITE LOCATION Full - 11V11 OPEN --
GR3 Granite 3 - SEE TYSA, GRANITE LOCATION Full - 11V11 OPEN --
HP1 HP1 Full - 11V11 OPEN --